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SeeLevel II 714 Tank Monitoring System Keep an eye on the levels of your holding tanks with the SeeLevel II 714 Tank Monitoring System. It includes displays for tank levels, temperature and battery voltage. The SeeLevel II 714 keeps track of the water, sewer and LP gas tanks and is able to sense the levels from the outside of the tank. The two temperature sensors can be mounted on the inside or the outside, so monitoring the tank can be more convenient for you. Being able to actively monitor the tank also eliminates the problems that the build up of debris inside the tank can cause. The SeeLevel II 714 shows you the diagnostic information on each of the tanks, so you can keep track of sender operation.
The SeeLevel II updates the tank levels every 10 seconds, and shows the amount on the display measured as a percentage. Like the tank levels, the outside temperature is also updated every 10 seconds. Temperature can be set to show in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The LP Gas or battery voltage is shown in the bottom display. There is a button to press that lets you toggle between them. A number with a decimal point will let you know that the battery voltage is currently being displayed. Other settings such as the brightness of the display and the configuration of the tank senders can also be customized. If any errors are detected with the wiring of the device, the LED screen will use a 3 letter code to indicate the problem.
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Model 714 SeeLevel II Tank Monitoring System