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RVtech Streak-X For Cargo Trailers Just like any other vehicle, your cargo trailer is prone to picking up all kinds of dirt and stains while in use. Black streaks can form after time, reducing the quality of your trailer's appearance. Rain and bad weather can also contribute to stains forming on the surface. That being said, having a black streak cleaner can definitely come in handy. While RVTech does have a general black streak remover for RVs, as well as other exterior cleaners, this Streak-X solution is intended just for cargo trailers and race trailers. The cargo trailer formula is made to work 85% faster, saving you time and effort.
RVTech Streak-X makes it easy to remove dirt and black marks from a number of sources, including oil, soot, smoke, bug splats and more. The formula is designed to dissolve tough stains, so they can be quickly wiped away. Its easy to use, simply apply it to the surface using a soft sponge and let it sit for about 10 seconds. Then it can be rinsed and wiped away before it completely dries. Please note that it should not be used on certain metallic surfaces such as bare aluminum, as it could lead to discoloration.
Streak-X is available in a 1 gallon size for larger stains or overall cleaning, as well as an 8 oz spray bottle for smaller stains. Typically it is ready to be used at full strength, however it can be diluted with water if necessary. This cleaner has been tested to ensure optimum performance and reliability. With Streak-X you will be able to maintain the appearance of your cargo trailer, without exerting a lot of unnecessary effort.

RVtech Streak-X For Cargo Trailers