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Aervoe Battery Operated LED Road Flares
Having road flares in your vehicle in case of emergency is essential, especially when you are going on a lengthy road trip. Road flares help to warn any oncoming traffic of potential hazards or obstacles. Traditional road flares, however, can be dangerous when they are not handled in the right way. To solve that issue, Aervoe Industries has come out with battery operated LED road flares, which is a much safer option.
These road flares feature caution amber or emergency red LEDs that are bright enough to be seen from a distance. When using them, its a good idea to use more than one, spaced away from your vehicle, to give drivers enough time to react as well as to give you a wide enough space for safety. The Aervoe LED road flares also feature magnets so they can be quickly mounted onto a magnetic surface if necessary. Being waterproof up to 50 feet and highly durable, they can survive under most any type of environmental condition. Depending on the emergency, you can use one of seven different flash patterns to alert coming traffic. You can even activate the Morse Code for SOS if necessary. They use two AA batteries that come included with the flares.
The Aervoe battery operated LED road flares are made here in the USA and can be used for a number of different purposes. Include them as part of your roadside emergency kit to provide additional safety when the unexpected occurs. For more information, or to purchase these LED road flares, Click Here

Battery Operated LED Road Flares