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Camco UltraGuard Class C RV CoverFor some of us, winter has already arrived, and the RV may already be in storage. If not, there are several steps involved in getting your RV ready for winter, which include making sure it is properly covered. Using the right cover can keep your trailer or motorhome protected from outside elements. The right cover will also be made from a material that allows air to pass through, to prevent mold or mildew growth. They also prevent scratches or other surface damage to your RV exterior. Different materials are also suited to different regions depending on the climate. There are several different types of covers available to aid in this process.

One type of RV Cover from Adco is the Tyvek Designer Series. Tyvek covers are ideal for all climates, as they work well in areas that receive a lot of moisture as well as a lot of sun. They feature air vents in the polypropylene side panels to keep moisture from collecting inside. The top panel is made from Tyvek material, which stands up to UV rays. Both the top and sides have three layers of protection. The side panels are also zippered in case you need to access your RV while it is in storage. It has reinforced corners to keep them from wearing out, as well as adjustable straps and buckles for an ideal fit.

Adco also produces the AquaShed Designer Series, which is perfect for short term storage in areas that receive a lot of moisture or become very humid. It has several of the same features as the Tyvek covers, including air vents, zippered sides and three layer protection. The AquaShed material is made to bead water on contact, while still remaining completely breathable. Like the Tyvek Designer covers, these covers come in a two tone modern design.

If you live in an area that typically gets cold and sees a lot of snow, Camco UltraGuard covers are the ideal solution. A layer of microporous breathable film is sandwiched between two layers of polypropylene material, ensuring protection from high moisture. Like the AquaShed, this cover will also cause water to bead on contact. It includes vent flaps to keep mold and mildew from growing underneath. The side panels are also made to allow access to the RV interior while it is being stored. The straps that hold the cover down are adjustable to fit to your motorhome or trailer.

By Julie T

RV Covers Add Protection

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