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If you're a hardcore camper, you likely want to take your trailer or RV out as often as possible. However, there are often times when you can't go camping or you may be the type of camper who only goes once or twice a year. Understanding the importance of RV covers and when you should use them will help prolong the life of your RV, regardless of how often you use it.

Why an RV Cover?

RV covers are designed to keep the elements and debris off your trailer or RV when it isn't in use. The winter snow is one of the most important things to keep off your RV because of its weight and when it melts, it can easily get into the seams. If it freezes again, it can lead to broken seams and leaks when the weather gets warmer. Keeping other debris, such as leaves, pine needles and dirt, off your RV can also keep it cleaner and ready for use.

Winter Storage

Winter storage is one of the most important times to use RV covers. When most people winterize their trailer or RV, they use RV antifreeze to keep the pipes and tubing from freezing, remove the battery, cover the tires and take other steps to protect their investment. Whether you are storing your RV indoors or out, using an RV cover will protect it from dirt, debris and the elements to reduce the need for repairs when spring comes around.

Long-Term Lack of Use

Not everyone goes camping every weekend throughout the warmer months of the year. Some individuals only take their RV out for one or two trips every summer. When you won't be using your RV or trailer for a lengthy period of time, it is best to use an RV cover to protect it. Most people realize the importance of protecting the tires from the effects of the sun and ozone, but few understand how important it is to protect the entire unit. Using a cover any time you won't be using your RV for more than a week will help protect it and ensure it is ready to go next time you are.

Going camping is a fun activity for many people. However, if you don't take the right steps to protect your RV when it isn't in use, you could find yourself facing large repair bills or having to push off a trip because the RV needs work. RV covers are an essential accessory everyone should consider buying to protect the RV from the elements and debris.

By Bill Rowell
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Consider Using A Cover To Protect Your RV