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Spending time in your camper doesn't have to mean eating out of a can while hunched around a campfire! Today's camper supplies allow you to enjoy the most elegant experiences while living in the great outdoors. Check out three of our favorite must-have camper supplies for the RV'er who wants to bring a touch of class to their next camping trip:

  • Picnic Time Vino Carrier in Hunter Green $42.00 Carry this picnic basket in your camper and you'll have everything you need for a wine and cheese party in the great outdoors. This picnic basket has space for two bottles of wine and a tasty snack. The sturdy basket is lined with durable hunter green fabric, making it as attractive as it is functional.
  • Picnic Time Mariposa Cutting Board $40.40Feel like you are always trying to find a good surface for cutting while on the road? You'll love using this cutting board from Picnic Time. The curved shape makes it easy to use in tight spaces, and the storage compartments underneath ensure you always have what you need to expertly slice and dice right in hand. You can whip up a cheese tasting in even the smallest campers in no time!
  • Rome Cast Iron Panini Press $15.00 Tired of eating canned goods and boxed pasta meals in your camper? Buy this great little panini press and create delicious hot sandwiches wherever you go. Place your press right on your campfire and lean back while it does the work of making a boring sandwich into a delicious, melty treat.

There are so many other great camper supplies on our website! You'll love bringing them along with you on your next voyage. If you ever have questions about any of the products you see in our online store, contact us! We're always happy to answer your questions and help you find the RV products that you need.

By Cheryl Heath

Camper Supplies For That Next Excursion