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bulls eye washer gameBefore heading out on that next RV trip, take some time to check and make sure all your favorite RV accessories are packed and ready to go. Besides the necessities, why not grab a few games to enjoy while whittling away the time at the campsite? Whether your a Domino fan or a dartboard champion, our game collection is sure to have even the most finicky camper smiling and having fun.
Top RV Accessories for the Avid Gamer
  • Prime Products 27-0501 Roll Up Magnetic Dart Board: This magnetic board ensure both superior player safety and hours of campsite fun. The front of this roll up board is a traditional score keeper design, flip it over and it can be played bulls-eye style. This board is durable and its convenient design allows it to be stored securely just about anywhere.
  • Fundex 728 Bulls-Eye Washer Outdoor Game: This game is played similarly to horseshoes or quarters. Players can throw the brightly colored plastic washers at the bulls-eye target to score three points. Once a player reaches 21 points they are crowned the winner. The kit comes with everything you need to play and its box design makes it easy to store.
  • Fundex 5454 Mexican Train Domino Game: This domino game is one of the most popular currently available. The premise of the game is to build "trains" of dominoes from the station hub. The unit comes with a station hub which toots and chugs when engaged. The game kit comes with everything you need to play and is pieces are contained in a collectors edition tin with bright colorful graphics.
  • Fundex 873 Chuck-O Splash Pool Game: Hitting the pool or heading out to the lake? Be sure to bring this game along. This game is easy for anyone to play, just set up the float-able bulls-eye board on the water and "chuck" the beanbags at the target to score.

If you would like to check out more RV style games, please visit the RV game section of the site.
By Bill Rowell
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RV Accessories: Fun and Games on your next camping trip