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Equal-i-zer Snap L Pin The Snap L-Pin from Equal-i-zer (P/N: 95-01-9430) can take the place of the old L-Pin to secure weight distribution arms because of its snap and click design. Hooking up your trailer has never been easier because the pin and clip are now integrated into a single unit, the pin can now be engaged and released in one step. It also features a quieter performance, due to the fact that it sits slightly above the weight distribution arm. The Snap L-Pin saves time, as it flips up or down easily in a single motion, rather than having to insert a separate pin and clip to keep it in place. This uses less effort, as it can be operated using only one hand if necessary. This also keeps you from having to worry about possibly losing separate pins. The Equal-i-zer Snap L-Pin is rated for 6000-14000 lbs. GTW.
The Snap L-Pin is part of a hardware design change and will now also come standard with Equal-i-zer hitches. Equal-i-zer hitches provide an even weight distribution which is accentuated by the use of the Snap L-Pin securing the weight distribution bar to the L-Brackets. It is compatible with all different types and sizes of trailers, and helps to minimize the safety hazards involved in towing. Its important to have properly secured weight distribution in order to maintain control of the towing vehicle and improve maneuverability.
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Equal-i-zer Trailer Snap L Pin