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Water Pressure RegulatorHaving low water pressure is not a fun experience, if it is really low you may have an issue within the water system. Check the hoses for leaks or any kinks that may restrict the flow of water. If there is nothing wrong, you may have to deal with it or use your water pump and on-board water tank to get higher water pressure when needed. We all love high water pressure when it comes to washing the dishes or taking a shower, but when it comes to our RV water system, it's important to make sure that it is not too high, for fear of damaging the system. Check out the many RV Water Pressure Regulators that we carry, that can protect your RV from dangerous campground water pressure.
Products like the Valterra Adjustable Water Regulator let you set the amount of pressure you want delivered to your RV. These still give you enough water pressure for a nice shower while preventing potentially disastrous moments of high psi. This protects your interior water system, which uses fragile flexible hoses, not sturdy pvc pipes. There are cheaper water regulators on the market but some don't allow you to set the pressure you want to have. They might restrict to an automatic amount which might still be too high or even too low, depending on your RV model. The gauge that allows you to see the water pressure is very helpful, allowing you to know the exact amount of PSI passing through your RV hoses.
The narrow hoses of your RV's water system can only handle a certain amount of water pressure. You're safe if you're only using your water pump to draw from your fresh water tank but in a campground, most of us hook directly up to the water connection. You may lament times of low water pressure from the campground that make it difficult to get the shampoo out of your hair but that's safe at least. Equally as common though are campgrounds with water pressure that is too high at some moments. Those campgrounds have water pressure that is great when many people are using it at once but when fewer people are using it, disaster is waiting to happen. Excessive water pressure can disconnect the interior hose from the water supply line if the clamp isn't secured well or it can split hoses deep within the belly of your RV where they're difficult to locate to replace.
Contact us to find the right water pressure regulator for your RV or other water system accessories to make your camping experience go smoothly. No one wants a disaster on their vacation.
By Heather L

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