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Roof mounted air vents are one of the most important features on your RV. With the small confined space of an RV, things can heat up with high moisture levels in no time. The air vents installed in your campers roof are designed and installed to provide fresh air circulation to every part of your RV.

Without vent covers, you will always need to close your air vents when inclement weather passes through. Inevitably, you are rushing around the RV as soon as it starts to rain (and not before!) frantically trying to shut every vent before water damage occurs. This cuts off internal air flow, leading to a stuffy and potentially unhealthy internal environment.

As far as external air flow is concerned, there is a limit to how far you can safely open your vents without the danger of having one blow off or break off while driving. When the vents are completely closed, you are slightly more aero-dynamic, and you don't have to worry about external damage. But then you're missing out on the fresh air!

This leads us to the inevitable conclusion of installing vent covers for all your vents. The benefits include protection of vents and seals in all weather conditions, and maximizing internal air flow. Some things you will want to consider when choosing vent covers are:

  • Are you protecting a powered vent or a passive vent? With powered vent covers, you want to maximize the continuous air flow to minimize stress to the pump.
  • UV protection - your vent covers will get the most UV exposure, so you will want a vent cover model with UV protection that will extend the life and effectiveness of the cover and provide maximum protection to the vent underneath.
  • Profile vs. airflow - choosing the right vent cover is an aesthetic decision as much as it is a logistics decision. There are lots of models to chose from that match the color and style of your RV. You will also want to maximize the airflow which is described in cubic feet-per-minute.

We have several models and styles to choose from, and all our vent covers include the hardward, instruction manuals and warranties. Contact us for all your RV accessory needs today.

By Andrea Eastep

Maximize Air Flow In Your RV With A Vent Cover

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