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Adco Class A Windshield Cover The Adco 2600 windshield cover is made to fit most Class A motorhomes. It does not require any drilling to install, and its one-size-fits-all construction makes it a cost effective solution over custom fitted covers. It is made from Tyvek® RV fabric from DuPont™ and is intended to install quickly and provide a snug fit. Tyvek® is a type of industrial strength fabric that lets air and water vapor pass through while still remaining durable. Water from the outside is deflected, while keeping moisture from building up inside. It has buckles that attach at 3 points: the mirrors for top and bottom mounted models and any accessory on the RV’s roof. Installation can be accomplished by one person, if necessary. When not in use, the cover can easily be kept in the storage bag that comes with it.
Using a windshield cover is especially ideal when camping in sunny areas, as the white color reflects the sunlight and keeps it from building inside. Keeping the windshield covered also keeps the inside protected from color fading and other types of sun damage. It also keeps the interior cooler, reducing the need to run your air conditioner. A windshield cover also protects the windshield from weather and other outside elements, including birds, insects and other forms of wildlife. The Adco 2600 will also prevent corrosion and cracking around the rubber & metal bordering the windshield, while also keeping the windshield clean from dust and debris. Tyvek® fabric is made of high density polyethylene and is known to be lightweight and durable, while still providing breathability.
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Adco Tyvek Class A Windshield Cover