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Quick Roof Extreme Repair Tape With the rainy spring season finally upon us, the last thing you'll want to think about is the possibility of your roof leaking. Water damage can lead to costly expenses if left untreated, even to the extent of replacing your RV's roof. Leaks can become more prevalent as the roof material ages, especially around seams. There are several different ways to prevent this problem, or repair it before it becomes too serious. Roof repair tape is one of the most convenient products available to repair or protect the roof of your motorhome, while also being one of the easiest to use. Before you use any kind of treatment, make sure it is compatible with the type of material used for the roof of your coach.
One of the more recent offerings through RVUpgrades is CoFair Products Quick Roof Repair Tape. It is available in several different types, including one made specifically for EPDM rubber roofs. EPDM can be commonly found in RV roofing, due to its ability to stand up to various environmental conditions. This can include heat, fluctuating temperatures and radiation from the sun, for example. Having an EPDM roof does require a different form of maintenance from other roof materials, which includes regular cleanings. The Quick Roof EPDM tape is available in a standard or Double White version, both of which uses a butyl adhesive to get the job done. The butyl adhesive is rubber based, providing a tight, permanent seal. It also features a fully cured EPDM rubber surface.
Quick Roof Extreme is perfect for use on many different types of materials besides EPDM, which is ideal if you don't have an EPDM rubber roof. It also works around any features you may have on your motorhome's roof, including vents and skylights. Quick Roof Extreme can be used on such materials as TPO, wood, PVC, vinyl, metal and fiberglass, as well as EPDM. It is designed not to shrink, harden or crack when exposed to the elements and uses Steel-Loc adhesive. Besides rolls of tape, it is also offered as a patch kit for quick, simple repairs.
Quick Roof tape is installed in a similar fashion to other types of roof repair tape. The intended surface should be clean and free of dirt so as not to impede the bonding process. The adhesive lining should be removed as the tape is rolled out to avoid mistakes. It is also beneficial to apply pressure as the tape is being laid down, either with your hand or through the use of a roller. This helps to eliminate air bubbles and ensure a proper seal. For on the spot repairs, there is an Emergency Kit that comes with a fully cured EPDM rubber patch to fix small leaks quickly.
By Julie T

CoFair Products Quick Roof Repair Tape

Examples of the items available include:
CoFair Products Quick Roof Double White Roof Repair Tape - 6" x 16'
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CoFair Products Quick Roof Extreme White - 4" x 6' Tape
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CoFair Products Quick Roof Rubber Roof Repair - 6" x 24"
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