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Delta Force supplemental braking system Several different factors come into play when you are looking to tow a vehicle. Most of the time, towing a vehicle behind your motorhome requires you to have a supplemental braking system. This allows you to keep control on the brakes of your towed vehicle in combination with the brakes on your coach. Some braking systems can take up a lot of space, making it somewhat of a hindrance. The Delta Force braking system from SMI Braking offers in a big advantage in featuring the smallest design of its type on the market.
The Delta Force offers several other features besides its small size, it is also comparatively lightweight, coming in at less than 10 pounds, making it easily portable. The setup was designed to simplify the process of installation, while easing pressure off the seat. This includes a pedal clamp that only needs to be set once for the duration. All the components needed for setup are included with the braking system. The housing has a powder coat finish, that adds to the device's overall durability. The actuator can be rotated to lay parallel with the side of the housing while not in use.
This braking system is also made for ease of use, including running a series of initialization tests upon start-up to make sure everything is functioning normally. It employs a wireless signal called CoachLink to indicate the state of the connection to your towed vehicle. CoachLink can also show you the amount of force being used for braking as well as alert you to any faults. Utilizing a dual signal system, it combines inertia based braking with the capability of a brake light override. The unique space saving design of the Delta Force comes together with all these convenient features to make for a practical solution to various braking system issues.

Delta Force Portable Towed Vehicle Braking System