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On The Go Dual Bed Water De-ionizer Have you ever been stuck at a campground because you can't get your sewer hose unhooked from your RV? If so then you know this can be very frustrating and what do you do to get it off. Your options are to try and find some help, keep trying or get out your big locking pliers that will only warp and tear up the fittings. If you have the Camco RhinoFlex Sewer Fitting Wrench Set, then your problems are solved.
This wrench set is designed specifically to make connecting and disconnecting your hose a breeze. The handle provides extra leverage for hard to turn swivel fittings. They are light weight and strong enough to loosen the tightest fittings, just hook the wrench up to the fitting making sure the tabs insert into the grooves of the wrench and turn until the hose becomes unhooked.
There are a couple different ways to use the Rhinoflex, (1) you can use one to disconnect or connect directly to the RV, (2) both wrenches in the set can be used in combination to unhook a two hose extension or any other extension pieces. It is compatible with Rhino, Revolution, Easy Slip and many other bayonet or lug fittings.
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By Heather L

RhinoFlex Sewer Fitting Wrench