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18″ LED Tube Light Using LED lights in your RV is an energy efficient solution that proves more cost effective in the long run. The Ming’s Mark 18″ LED Tube Light is made to replace standard 18″ tube lights that have a T8 base. This 18″ LED tube light is 9.6 watts, the equivalent of 68 watts in a standard bulb. It has a 120 degree beam angle that can be adjusted in a certain direction to light a specific area. It features 54 high power 5050 SMD LEDs with a color temperature of 4000-4500K, which makes it brighter than the average household light bulb. The wide voltage range of 8-30 VDC allows it to hold out against possible power fluctuations that would damage other LED lights. The natural white color makes it similar to the white light you find outside. This LED tube light is not only useful for RVs, but for marine, military and other automotive applications.
There are many benefits to using LED lights over standard light bulbs, with energy efficiency and cost effectiveness being the most important. Because LED lights have a longer life span, in this case 100,000 hours, they don’t need to be replaced as often. They use less energy to emit light, while also being brighter and giving off less heat. Less heat means they will be cooler to the touch, making them safer to handle. Unlike most standard bulbs that immediately fail without warning, LED bulbs will gradually fade over time.
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