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Monitoring RV Performance While on the RoadThe types of interior lights available for your RV are almost as varied as the types available for your home. This can include ceiling lights, recessed lights, directional and task lighting. The lighting inside your RV can perform practical functions as well as add a touch of atmosphere or class. You can even take advantage of different finishes to help you achieve the overall look that you want for your RV. A cohesive design ties all the elements together, which includes lighting along with any other interior fixtures, such as plumbing fixtures or hardware.
Satin nickel is a common finish that is used in many different types of lighting. It's a versatile finish that works well with creating a more modern, contemporary feel, along with more retro designs. Satin nickel is also easy to take care of and maintain. A brass finish gives a classic touch of elegance that is easy to maintain and can provide a great contrast to the surrounding colors. An antique brass finish works very well if you are looking for a more traditional or even country style feel. Of course, there's no rule that says you need to match all your finishes either. It's always possible to mix finishes within the same area without throwing off a design scheme. One can be used as a complement to the other fixtures in the area, or used as an accent to the more dominant finishes.
Another thing to consider may be the type of light source the fixture requires. Incandescent, fluorescent and LED light bulbs are all choices that have benefits to suit your needs. Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are typically a cost effective solution. Incandescent bulbs are usually easy to find when needing a replacement and can be found in many different types of fixtures. Fluorescents typically last longer than incandescent bulbs and give off less heat. The advantages to LED bulbs are numerous and have been previously discussed. In short, they are even more energy efficient and longer lasting, while having the characteristic of dimming over time rather than abruptly going out.
Ceiling lights and wall sconces can bring a general light to the area, and can be as basic or as styled as you want. Besides the basic overhead and wall lights, task or directional lighting brings the light right where you need it. They are adjustable so you can place the beam of light anywhere you desire. This is perfect for reading and other tasks that require extra illumination, especially at night when you may not wish to use an overhead light. Maybe you even want to accent a certain feature or provide light for an under-illuminated area, which is also a benefit from directional lighting. On a related note, there are a number of smaller lights that can illuminate tight spaces or provide safety, such as in bathrooms, closets or near stairs. Examples include the Slim Line touch light from Diamond Group, or the Tri-Lynx interior courtesy light that features a motion sensor. Lights such as these provide a more customized source, while only staying lit when you need it. For even more safety, the range of night lights can plug into any outlet, helping you find your way in case you need to get up during the night.
By Julie T

RV Interior Light Fixtures

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