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Franklin Coffee Maker
This 12 cup coffee maker from Franklin Chef offers many different features and is efficient enough to use when traveling in your RV. It has a digital display provides ease of use, so the coffee maker can be quickly programmed to brew coffee as desired. This coffee maker comes with a stainless steel filter, eliminating the need to bring along paper filters, which will in turn free up storage space. The filter will remove most all of the chlorine (up to 97%) in the water, making for better tasting coffee and faster brewing times. The stainless steel carafe has a cool touch handle with a no drip spout, perfect when you are on the road. It is lightweight, making it easily portable, while the style brings a sleek appearance to your RV interior.
This Franklin Chef digital coffee maker can be used anywhere, including the home or office. Like other Franklin Chef products, it is made to be efficient while still bringing a touch of style to any kitchen area. It comes with a 1 year limited warranty, allowing parts proven defective to be replaced within the first year, if possible.
Several things can factor into the overall satisfaction of the coffee. First of all, always remember to make sure that the coffee maker is clean before using it. On the that same note, the water that is used should be as pure as possible to provide the most optimum results. Other elements such as brewing time, and the amount of water or coffee used will also have an effect on taste.
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Franklin Chef RV Coffee Maker