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With spring starting, perhaps the RV camping season has just begun for you. Warmer temperatures are a relief after the harsh, cold winter that many in the US experienced. With that comes many of the familiar signs, including the return of birds, flowers and of course insects. The bugs and insects will only get more plentiful as we head into summer. Insects can become hassle if you have limited ways to get rid of them, especially if you had food sitting around. Whether you are going on an RV camping trip, or are simply entertaining outside at home, there are several ways to keep these pests away, going beyond just using bug spray.
Some of the most common ways to repel insects without using insect spray is through the use of citronella candles or mosquito coils. Both of these give off an aroma that will keep mosquitos away from the area and are easy to use. Candles can also provide illumination in case of an emergency. However if you often travel with pets or children, the thought of having an open flame or keeping something burning may be too much of a risk. If you are still looking to cover an area without using a flame, an insect lantern may be the way to go. The outdoor patio lantern from ThermaCell uses a butane cartridge to heat up an allethrin repellent mat. The mats do not give off a smell, and can last for a few hours at a time, which is perfect for spending a little while outside. Doubling as an outdoor lamp, it features long lasting LEDs to provide light in the evening, with a high or low setting.
If you are looking for an even more portable option, ThermaCell also has a repellent appliance that works on the same principles. Using butane to warm up the repellent, it can also cover an area up to 15 ft, just like the lantern. It works well for insects such as mosquitoes and flies. It's best to use this device in areas where the surrounding air is relatively still, and where it can easily be placed on a flat surface. Keep in mind that this appliance should not be used inside or in an enclosed space.
Finding bugs in your home is never pleasant, and the same goes for your motorhome as well. For a repellent that protects your RV as well as yourself, Valterra has an RV pest protection kit. It works for all kinds of unwanted creatures, such as roaches, mice, spiders, ants and other insects. The kit comes with a spray and repellent pouches to keep them away from your area. The repellent has a time released, encapsulated oil that is made to confuse and deter bugs and other creatures. Use the spray wherever your RV touches the ground to keep crawling insects from getting up into your RV. Pouches can be hung or placed inside for up to a year's protection.
By Julie T

Using Insect Repellent While Camping

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