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Many RV accessories are designed to add safety and convenience to your camping experience. For example, RV step rugs are designed to meet these needs and also add to the appearance of your entryway. Obviously you will need to go in and out of your RV multiple times each day. It's part of the camping experience to be able to easily transition from indoors to outdoors. Many times, when climbing or descending your entry steps, your hands are full, your dog is rushing to get in front of you, or your shoes may be slippery from slick surfaces. For these occasions, having a quality step cover can provide added traction to increase the confidence in your step and keep you upright.

Whether your RV steps are bare metal or feature stick on treads, the RV entry step covers are an improved product that will serve you in many ways. As previously mentioned, safety is the main reason for adding entry step covers. But step covers can also help keep unwanted dirt, leaves, grass, and other debris outside where it belongs. Who wants to spend their RV time vacuuming? Keep the mud where it the great outdoors!

Have pets or small children entering and exiting the RV? Help them feel more secure as they climb up and down the entry steps. Some dogs, for instance, will avoid the metal stairs because they don't provide the traction needed for them to feel sure of their step. Having to bend over and pick up your pet to lift them into the RV is inconvenient. Covering the stairs with step rugs, however, will help your pet to easily climb the stairs to join you inside.

RV step covers come in a variety of materials and colors. Some qualities to keep in mind when purchasing include sun/fade resistance, complimentary colors, and all-weather durability. Presto-fit brand makes attractive and sturdy step rugs that are easy to attach and fit most RV steps.

When purchasing this accessory, make sure to measure the steps on your RV first. Most steps are either 20 or 23 inches wide. Also note if the steps are perfectly rectangular or if they have a curved edge. If you need help determining which rug cover is best for your RV, please contact us for assistance.

By Julie T

Upgrade Your Entry Steps with RV Step Covers