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Coiled Trailer ConnectorsDo you get frustrated with those loose wires that hang and drag between your vehicle and trailer, JetConnex Coiled trailer Connectors are the ultimate solution for anyone who tows a trailer. The “plug and tow” coiled cord with high quality molded connectors on each end provides for a strong & reliable connection for important running lights, turn signals & brakes. This trailer wiring is a tightly coiled, jacketed and Mylar wrapped multi-wire power-cable. It includes an integrated cable strain relief eliminating broken or shorted wires in the critical connection area. The protective outer jacket is made of a water-proof and abrasive-resistant all weather material that can handle the toughest towing situations. This cable can also handle corrosive salt-water conditions in marine applications. The cable keeps its shape and flexibility despite any type of weather conditions. Jetconnex Coiled Trailer Connectors come in 3 series – the JetConnex Econo Series features 3 different connector combinations that extend up to 3 Ft with molded connector ends and black matte cable finish. The JetConnex Standard Series have all the features of the Econo series plus – 9 different connector combinations that extends up to 3 or 6 Ft, a non-marring outer jacket, high gloss urethane jacket that allows for easy cleaning and come in multiple colors. The Heavy Duty Series also includes all the features of the Econo Series plus – 10 gauge wire for battery charge, 10 gauge wire for ground, 12 gauge wire for electrically operated brakes, 14 gauge wires (3) for brakes & running lights and a 14 gauge wire for axillary Circuit. These durable cables extend up to 5 ft and are available in black only.

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By Heather Ledenican

Jetconnex Coiled Trailer Connectors

JetConnex 12807-05 Coiled Cable 7 Round To 7 Wire Bare
In Stock
JetConnex 12427-02 Yellow Coiled Cable 4 Flat Male To 4 Flat Female 6'
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