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Ming’s Mark High Power DIP LED The Ming’s Mark High Power DIP LED light is ideal for RVs, motorbikes, marine and other types of vehicles. It features an 1139 base and 24 LEDs, with a luminosity of 95lm and a 4000-4500K natural white color temperature. Color temperature indictates how closely the bulb imitates natural light. In this case, the light will appear to be mostly white in color, as opposed to the blue or yellow ends of the spectrum. This LED has a wide beam angle of 120 degrees and the base has a positive and negative terminal. Therefore, if the bulb does not emit any light after plugging it in, simply switch the bulb so the terminals are in opposite positions. This 1.44 watt bulb can take the place of a standard 10 watt bulb, making it a much more energy efficient solution.
The wide voltage range allows the Ming’s Mark High Power LED to stand up to an RV’s power fluctuations much better than a standard LED light. Like other LED bulbs, it produces very little heat and has a much longer life span compared to regular bulbs. It is safer to handle and environmentally friendly, as LED lights do not contain mercury, making it easier to dispose of when the time comes. Its low energy consumption also makes it a ‘greener’ option than standard bulbs. The Ming’s Mark High Power LED will also stand up better to shock, as it is not as delicate as incandescent lights, which also adds to the greater safety factor.
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Ming’s Mark High Power DIP LED Bulb