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Telesteps Extension Combination LadderStep ladders are of course easy to store and easy to use. Their typically compact size makes them a convenient solution to reaching certain areas. Sometimes a step ladder may not be enough, specifically in terms of height. Step ladders can sometimes be cumbersome to carry around as well. If you are looking for a ladder that can allow you to get more done, there are other options. Size is definitely a factor when taking a ladder along on an RV trip. Portability is another aspect to consider, especially if you need to carry other supplies at the same time. Telesteps offers several models that can be used multiple ways, while also taking up less room in storage.
If you just need a basic folding ladder, the Telesteps Folding Stik Ladder is perfect. This ladder not only collapses in the traditional sense, it can fold in from all sides down to just a 4" width. The locking tabs on the stairs keep them in position while the ladder is open and in use. Once it is folded down, a strap holds it in place so it wont come open when you aren't using it. The fact that it reduces down to stick also means it is easy to transport, and you won't have to sacrifice a lot of valuable space in your motorhome.
When you want to get different uses from the same ladder, a combination ladder is the way to go. Whether it's a tall step ladder or a leaning extension ladder, these will be able to act as both. This not only comes in handy when RVing, but can be useful at home when you want to consolidate space. The 12ES telescoping ladder uses an easy one touch system to control the locking mechanisms. You can use it as an 8' step ladder, or get it up to 12' with the 4' extension. If you need it as a leaning ladder, it works that way too! Working in a similar fashion, the 612TC extension combo ladder folds in the middle so it acts as a 6' step ladder or 11' extension. Like the 12ES, it also collapses down when you don't need it, so they are both easy to store and to transport.
All three ladders feature a sturdy aluminum construction, while being able to accommodate heavy loads. They can be put to many different uses around the home or worksite, as well as with your RV.
By Julie T

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