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When you're on the road, it's likely you won't always be getting your water from the best of sources. Hard water is common in RV parks and camping sites, and to keep your appliances working correctly and keep water residue off of your sinks, toilet, and shower, you will need a quality water softener. Two brands stand out when it comes to RV water softeners: Flow-Pur and On The Go. Both of these brands make quality softeners, but they have their differences. Today we'll look at two similar models from each and compare the features.

Flow-Pur RV Pro 10,000

Flow PurThe Flow-Pur RV Pro is rated at 10,000 grains, which means the unit can hold 10,000 mineral grains before you need to regenerate the unit. This is a fairly high capacity for mobile water softeners, so if you are in areas that have particular hard water, or if you are traveling with a family (and therefore using more water), you may want to consider a high grain capacity water softener. The Flow-Pur 10,000 includes testing strips, hose adapters, and is ready to use straight out of the box. Hoses are not included with the Flow-Pur water softener, but the manufacturer recommends using two 4-foot hoses

On The Go RV Water Softener

On the Go
The On The Go Standard RV Water Softener is rated at 8,000 grains, giving it slightly less capacity than the Flow-Pur model. This could potentially mean you will have to regenerate more often, but again, that depends on the hardness of your water and how much water you are using. This unit is also slightly smaller than the Flow-Pur model, so if you don't need the extra capacity, and space in your RV is at a premium, this unit is the way to go. Finally, the smaller capacity means the unit takes less time to regenerate. Included with the On The Go Softener is an extra hose that can be used for the inlet or outlet connection, test strips for testing the hardness of your water, and hose adapters to connect the unit to standard hoses. The unit is also ready to use out of the box; there is no need to add extra resin or salt. is the best place online to buy RV accessories including water softeners and water pumps. Visit their store for the complete selection of RV accessories & supplies.

Flow-Pur RV Pro vs. On The Go RV Water Softener