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DehumidifiersWhen towing a trailer long distances saving money is an important factor. The best way to do that, is by making your vehicle more aerodynamic while driving. Just like you see on the semi trailers, they have the big ramps on top, that direct the air over and around the sides of the box trailers. This wind deflector is designed with that same idea in mind.
Adding the Icon AeroShield Wind Deflector to your truck, will do exactly as it says, by deflecting the wind up and over the camper or trailer, giving you a smoother ride. This will also save you money by giving you better gas mileage, up to 3 MPG more. By not having an AeroShield the wind will get trapped in-between your truck and the trailer, which can in turn create instability and poor handling of you vehicle. Also the wind hitting the front of the trailer will put added drag on your tow vehicle, making the engine work harder and also losing gas mileage.
Any vehicle can benefit from having a wind deflector, if your trailer or camper exceeds the roof of your tow vehicle, the wind will cause you problems with drag, stability of your vehicle and cost you money on fuel. The Icon Direct AeroShield brand is a great choice and fits most vehicles, coming in two different sizes. The 56" X 22" is designed for full size vans and trucks, the 48" X 22" will fit mid size vans and trucks, both have the ability to raise up to 20" and then close completely to 7" above the roof. It also comes in two colors, black and white so you can choose the one that will look best on your vehicle.
If you have any questions about the Icon AeroShield Wind Deflector, please contact us, we would be happy to answer them for you.
By Heather L

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