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A very important consideration you should have in mind when purchasing or renting an RV is all the different maintenance and up keep you need to do in order to keep your RV trip going smooth. One would be emptying and cleaning out the waste holding tanks. Human waste is something people never want to talk about because it's frankly pretty disgusting. However, your bodily functions never stop and it is inevitable that you will have to deal with it. Check to make sure that you have a functional and portable RV waste tank that will make sanitation and hygiene a much simpler job.

Effective Management

Having running water and a toilet in your RV is a luxury, keeping you from having to share the campground outhouses with the many other people at the campgrounds. This does mean you will have to clean it out regularly, as your tanks can only hold so much. As disgusting as this may be, it is a necessary step to ensuring that you keep your RV clean and free of bad smells and germs that are associated with human waste.

Disposal of Waste

When looking for a place to dispose of the waste, make sure that you choose an area where such an activity is approved. All campgrounds have a dump stations, but driving your RV to the location, when you need to empty, can be a burden. This is why using a portable RV waste tank makes it easier to empty your RVs holding tanks. You have the grey tank that is for anything that goes down the sink or shower drains and the black tank for everything flushed down the toilet. When emptying the tanks it is always better to empty the black tank before the grey, due to the fact that the grey has cleaner water and will help rinse out any remains. Just hook the portable RV waste tank up to the holding tank you wish to drain, wait till tank is full and then take it to the station, without having to drive the RV.


After cleaning out the portable RV waste tank, take care of it the same way you would your holding tanks, make sure that you pour water into them to act as a base into which the waste will fall. Afterwards, treat the water with a chemical or soap that breaks down the waste into smaller particles and dissolves the debris that may accumulate. This also goes a long way towards preventing the accumulation of odor.

Overflows are definitely something you want to avoid. Repeat this process as regularly as possible and in instances when you feel that the holding tanks are almost full. Make sure you rinse your portable RV waste tank with clean water and special soap every time to prevent accumulation of debris that may create long lasting odors.