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Automatic Transfer Switch

Transfer switches can switch a load between different sources of power. They are especially necessary when RV generators are used to supply power, so that electricity does not end up coming from two places simultaneously. Transfer switches such as this one do not require a manual control, operating based on detection of a power source.
The LYGHT 100A Relay Base Automatic Transfer Switch can support 100 Amps of shore line/utility power and a 24 kilowatt generator. This automatic power transfer switch senses when generator power is connected and keeps two power sources from entering the AC distribution panel at the same time. A time delay circuit board makes sure the generator voltage stays at its proper operation level before power transfer occurs. It can also be switched off for instant power switching. The quick change circuit board allows you to replace the circuit board with a new one very quickly in the event of a failure. The DC coiled relays reduce electrical hum, and it features heavy duty terminal blocks that make wiring and installation a simple process. It is intended for use as an electrical transfer switch to automatically switch multiple power sources from one to another.
This switch can be used not only for RVs but also around the home. When mounting it can be in either a vertical or horizontal position. Make sure that it is in an area that stays dry. Also make sure that dust and other particles cannot get inside.
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By Heather Ledenican

Relay Base Automatic Transfer Switch

LYGHT 100A Relay Base Automatic Transfer Switch
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