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Cooking on a CampfireOne of the best things about going on an RV camping trip is the food. There's something about cooking and eating meals outside that gives it a flavor that you can't get in a kitchen. The same holds true for backyard barbeques or picnics in the park. As spring draws nearer, the thought of spending more time outside in the nicer weather becomes more and more appealing. Whether you prefer to cook on a grill, or over an open campfire we have the outdoor RV accessories you'll need.
There are different characteristics to the varying ways you can grill outside. Gas grills give you more control over the cooking process, while a wood campfire provides a more natural flavor. LP gas grills can be set up conveniently on a table or attached to the side of your camper. They typically feature large surfaces that can accommodate a bigger size group. Charcoal grills give you a little more freedom in that they do not have to be connected to a LP supply, plus they are usually smaller and easily portable. For those who prefer the open flame of a campfire, check out a campfire rack. They come in many sizes and varieties, including ones that stand on a tripod over a fire, or stake into the ground. Many of them have large surface areas, as well as raised edges, so you won't have to worry about food sliding off into the flames.
With the number of grilling accessories available, you can move beyond just laying down meat or vegetables on a grate. We have cooking forks, which are perfect for cooking hot dogs or roasting marshmallows. Speaking of roasting marshmallows, we carry s'more makers that can heat up all the ingredients for multiple s'mores. This saves a lot of time when there aren't enough forks to go around, or when cooking for a crowd. Heat up sandwiches with the use of a handheld iron, or make a hot breakfast with eggs or pancakes using a campfire skillet. Other examples include grilling woks and toasters, so you can cook vegetables and seafood, or make toast over the heat of the grill.
If you are the type that prefers picnics to barbeques, there are a number of items available to meet those needs too. If there are no picnic tables readily available, we offer picnic blankets in different styles, including the classic red & white check design. Their easy portability makes them particularly useful for hikes and other similar excursions. There is a large variety of picnic baskets to accommodate different size groups, from simple wine & cheese totes for two, to full services for four. Depending on the style, these picnic baskets can come with plates, glasses, napkins and flatware, as well as give you the space to store all food and drinks you wish to take with you.
No matter what kind of outdoor cooking and eating you enjoy, contact us and we'll help you find the right accessories to make it an even better experience.
By Julie T

Camping Supplies for Cooking Outside

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