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Just like at home, surge protection is important for your RV as well. Incorrect voltages or influxes of power can cause damage to your RV's electrical system or devices. Using surge protection can save you from costly repair or replacements. When connecting to a campground's power pedestal without surge protection, you have to trust that it is working properly and delivering power correctly. Likewise, in the event of an electrical storm, power surges can be caused even with a trusted power source. Surge Guard has a number of products available that can prevent power fluctuations from causing problems for your RV, including these examples:
Automatic Transfer SwitchThe 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch is similar to a transfer switch you would use at home. It is able to pick up on any electrical issues and switch you from shore power to a generator. No matter what is causing an unsafe power flow, using a transfer switch can keep things running smoothly until the problem is corrected. When activated it will go to whatever type of electricity is active, with generator power being favored, after a 30 second delay, when both sources are available. Besides suppressing surges, this switch can protect against open neutral and reverse polarity problems. An open neutral occurs when the neutral wire is disconnected or has a faulty connection. Reverse polarity happens when wires are attached to the opposite terminals, rather than the correct ones.
RV Voltage RegulatorIf coming across low voltage is a concern, the RV Voltage Regulator can correct that problem. Low voltage is mainly caused when an excess of power is being used, which can lead to brown outs. One example of this can include a number of people running an appliance at the same time, such as an air conditioner. Another is when the traffic is too high for the power supply to handle. Low voltage can be just as much of a hazard as high voltage. The Surge Guard voltage regulator can keep electricity flowing at a high enough level. It can monitor the current line voltage conditions, using LEDs to inform you of the current status. It features two modes of operation to either raise the output voltage by 10%, or act as a bypass to send the input directly to the output, depending on your situation.
Portable Surge ProtectorSurge Guard Surge Protectors can be portable or permanent, for 50 or 30 amps. They will continuously check on the current state of shore power, and will shut it down when a surge is detected. Whether by LCD display or indicator light, the surge protector can show you the general cause of the problem, or indicate a time delay. The time delay is a safety feature, allowing for a brief time to pass once power returns to safe levels before being brought back to your RV. The permanent units are mounted in the bay of the RV, while portable units are attached between the pedestal and line cord.
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