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eternabond prevents rv delamination

Leaks. The bane of every RV, whether it is a motorhome, travel trailer or 5th wheel camper, unless your RV is safely tucked away in a garage all year, the occasional leak is pretty much inevitable. And I know you don’t keep your camper under cover at all times; you are out adventuring in it every chance you get! With every bump in the road your roof seams are flexing; your corners and windows are feeling the stress. At some point you’re going to need to repair a leak before water damage sets in. As seen in our photo, a small amount of moisture mixed with heat can delaminate an RV's walls in short order.

Eternabond makes a wide array of products designed to keep water where it belongs. From preventive maintenance to on-the-fly repairs, eternabond tapes and caulk have you covered. But which product is right for your specific need? Let us walk you through selecting the Eternabond right supplies for your project; including tools and accessories to do the job right, the first time.

If you look at the product lineup it can get somewhat confusing as to which one to use. Basically all of the Eternabond tapes utilizes the same patented microsealant adhesive with built in primer, the difference is in the backer used for the various applications.
  • RoofSeal - utilizes a UV stable backing that is available in Black, Gray, Tan and White. Perfect for roof seams, vents & skylights
  • DoubleStick - does not have a backer and creates a tight, permanent, waterproof seal between two surfaces. Great for sealing between vents, windows and skylights
  • WebSeal - designed to hold coatings, whether water or solvent based and features no memory so it holds it shape. Used to seal roof joints (seams) and tears, flashing, coping, skylights and gutters
  • WindowSeal - creates a moisture tight, air and vapor barrier regardless of surfaces being joined. This is your go to for window installation
  • AlumiBond - UV stable and moisture tight with a 4 mil aluminum backer. For use on metal buildings, rv and mobile home roofs, boats, canoes and areas requiring corrosion and abrasion resistance.
After all, we’re not talking about duct tape and plastic film here. Eternabond tapes offer a permanent sealing solution – provided you choose the right product and properly prepare the surface before application. I know you don’t want to waste time and effort crawling around on your RV roof only to realize next year as rainwater drips onto your breakfast plate that you didn’t select the right tape for your roofing surface!

Even the best preventive maintenance schedule isn’t a guarantee you’ll stay dry in a downpour. Ask around, experienced RV’ers know to keep a roll or two of eternabond EMT tape in their toolkit for quick, on-site repairs.

Need help selecting the right tape and accessories for your needs? Or just want to talk about your rainiest adventure? Contact the RV upgrade experts today.

By Kathleen Garry

Eternabond Leak Repair Tape