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BRK Electron First Alert RV Fire ExtinguisherWhen you travel down the highway you can experience an inner feeling of great satisfaction and release. It's good to get away from it all and travel to the outdoors but there's no need to rough it when you have the right supplies. Here are the top five camper accessories for improving your outdoor life.
1. Pet Dishes
There's no need to make your canine family member stay at home, or worse, stay in a kennel while you’re on vacation. Make it easy on yourself and your pet and prepare to bring them along. Buying a special travel pet dish is an important accessory for anyone traveling with dogs. These portable camping accessories have two bowls with watertight covers. You will also receive a handy carrying handle.
2. Games
When you are out in nature, you may not want to deal with the Internet and your busy life back home. Why not bring along some time tested travel games and enjoy the company of others? Consider purchasing a travel dartboard or set of dominoes. You also can take along an outdoor washer toss game. It's like horseshoes, but easier to play.
3. Fire Safety Devices
The last thing you want to think about on a camping trip is an accidental fire. However, these things can happen, especially if you cook out or you have a cooking stove inside your RV. When you shop for camping accessories and supplies, don't forget to pick up a good fire extinguisher. Make sure to use a dry chemical extinguisher rated for extreme temperature, and something that’s easy to operate.
4. RV Safes
If you have to leave your camper, security is important. After all, it only takes a minute for someone to break in and steal things. Why not invest in a high quality digital safe? It can be mounted on the wall or floor to deter thieves, and has a digital combination that’s almost impossible to crack. The best safes are battery operated and have features like wrong code lockout and a key override.
5. Shades
Does your camper have roller awnings? You can effectively block 85 percent of unwanted light with an EZ Blocker shade. The zip insert is made to fit into your roller tube slot and it rolls up with the awning. To use the EZ Blocker, roll down the awning and zip the shade onto the insert. This may become one of your most beloved camping accessories. Click here to check out more of our products designed to simplify your camping experience.