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Electric Stabilizer System

Do you have a motorhome with a slide out room? The chances are the vehicle could become top heavy and start leaning towards the side, this can also cause the vehicle to respond more to interior movement. The Stabi-Lite Electric Stabilizer System is intended for use specifically with Class B & C motorhomes that are built on a Sprinter or Ford Chassis. This stabilizer system can keep your RV level, reducing sway when you move about the cabin, as well as preventing it from leaning. Installation is simple, it attaches using clamp style mounts so there is no need to drill holes or weld any attachments. The Stabi-lite uses a one touch button control to automatically operate the system. The stabilizers will lower to the ground on their own, supporting each side of the motorhome. Stabi-lite is perfect for keeping your RV free from excess movement. Please remember that this system should only be used when the RV is parked, and that nothing gets in the way of the stabilizers while they extend or retract. To prevent the stabilizers from working incorrectly, keep the interior movement to a minimum while they are in motion. Using the Stabi-Lite system on your Class B or Class C motorhome will help provide a more enjoyable experience during an RV trip. This product includes two stabilizers, two clamping mounts, all hardware, complete systems wire harnesses and a system controller and switch pad.

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By Heather Ledenican

Equalizer Stabi-Lite Electric RV Stabilizer System

Equalizer Systems Stabi-Lite Electric Stabilizer System
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