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If you're getting an early start on your Christmas wish-list or, perhaps, have a little extra cash yourself, check out these unique and exciting that add an extra layer of comfort, ease or relaxation to your home on wheels.

1) Cambria Padded Rocker: No RV trip is complete without stopping to build a campfire and, if you can spare the cash, you can roast marshmallows in complete comfort with the sturdy and elegant Red Rock Cambria Rocker. Easily portable and endlessly durable this chair will have you rocking the night away.

2) Big Red Portable Campfire: It's perfect for those locations that don't permit an open fire or an easy way to combat inclement weather when you're stuck under your canopy. Either way, the Big Red Portable campfire is your go-to RV accessory!

3) White Pathway X1 Portable Antenna: Keep up-to-date on the latest football games, political headlines, breaking news stories and celebrity gossip even when you're on the road! This portable antenna is the smallest, lightest one on the market and will do a perfect job of keeping you in tune with all the latest headlines!

4) Hiking & Trekking Poles: For the true outdoorsman who will be experiencing winter weather or dealing with rugged terrain there is no better gift than a quality pair of hiking or trekking poles! These sturdy poles will ensure they have their footing as they enjoy the outdoors and will be treasured for a long time to come.

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By Kathleen Garry

RV Accessories for Your Home Away From Home