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Kitchen AccessoriesYour driving down the road and you make a sharp turn, all you hear is CRASH, coming from the back of your RV. So you stop and look and all your kitchen glassware, plates and food from inside the refrigerator is scattered and broken all over the floor. This is a common mistake made by a beginner RVer. There are many products out there that are made specifically to keep your things from sliding out of their area, even on the sharpest of turns.
These helpful products can include saving items from your fridge, pantry and cupboards. Starting with the fridge, the best solution to keeping your food inside is with refrigerator bars. They can extend from one side to the other locking in place in front of the shelves keeping everything held in. If you are still worried, you can get a door fastener that will lock it up tight, not allowing the door to swing open. Next on the list is keeping all your glass items in your cupboards safe. If you're not a fan of using paper on your camping trips and you use regular cups and plates, we have the accessories you need. First, just like the fridge, there are cupboard bars to hold everything in. Some other neat designs include the stack a plate and Stayzz glass holder, which both hold the items and have sides that hold them in. For added security, you can also use a shelf hog, which is designed to fill the empty spaces, acting like bumpers and reducing the amount of rattling on bumpy roads.
Lastly for security in your RV kitchen is the pantry, that includes items like spice racks, knife safe holders and mounted trash cans. The spice racks mount to the door and act like basket to store all your herbs and spice containers. Next is the knife safe holders that also can be hung on the door, they have slots that fits many different size knives and hold them tightly in. Last is the mounted trash cans, they can really be mounted to anything, but they will prevent your trash from tipping over and creating a mess of garbage for you to clean up. Any of these products are great for safety while traveling, if you have any questions about these products, please contact us.
By Heather L

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