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The Two Best Reasons To Buy An RV Water Hose Protector

Camco RV Hose ProtectorYour Hose Will Be Protected From Potential Damage
Now, if you purchase an RV Water Hose Protector, this point may seem self-explanatory. However, long term use of your RV water hose (or any hose in general) can cause general wear-and-tear, as well as damage from abrasions, tears, and friction. Our hose protector will also keep it from developing kinks that can negatively affect the connection points. If you have ever had to purchase a new hose, then you will understand the headache it can cause as well as the wasted time and energy. If you have a hose protector, then you'll never have to dread making that trip again.
Our Hose Protector Will Save You Money In The Long Run
An RV Water Hose Protector will absolutely give your hose a longer life, and replacing your RV water hose due to damage can prove to be costly. A small investment in an RV Water Hose Protector now can save you from replacing your hose in the future.
Our RV Water Hose Protectors will also protect you from losing money by wasting water. Any tear or leak in your hose can be a waste. With the simple addition of a hose protector, you can ensure that all the water you want inside your RV, won't get wasted on the outside.
It's important to use a hose protector as a preventative measure from damage to your hose in the long term, but it can also keep your water safe. A tear or leak may let water out, but there is also the possibility that it is letting dirt or bacteria in; if you are relying on the water to be clean for drinking or washing, then it certainly needs protection.
At RV Upgrades we offer an RV Water Hose Protector made of quality, FDA approved materials that is easy to install and drinking water safe. If you are interested in a product that will filter your water prior to entering your water system, as well as protecting your hose, we provide a dual carbon water filter and RV water hose protector. For these products and more RV Water Hose Protectors, check out our selection here. For any questions, please contact us at [email protected].