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115 pc RV Cooking SetWhen it comes time to stock your RV's kitchen, you don't have to spend the time and expense of purchasing everything separately. Maybe you are new to RVing and need to fill your motorhome's kitchen with the basics, or you are simply looking to expand on or replace what you already have. Luckily, there are several cooking sets available that can meet your needs and purposes.
Smaller cooking sets such as the 10 pc set from Camco provide you with a starting point, giving you some basic items while still leaving room to add some of your own. The Camco set is made with camping and RV's in mind. It is a nesting set, so the smaller items can easily sit inside the larger items. The pots and pans all feature folding handles for even easier storage. Plastic items include 3 bowls, a spoon & a scoop with a folding handle. The pot, saucepan & frying pan are anodized aluminum, which creates less potential for foods to stick.
If getting everything you need in one place is what you are after, the more expanded sets from Authentic Dealer may be what you need. These sets come in 115 or 139 pcs to provide you with all the basics, plus additional supplies so you won't have to think about bringing too much from home. These larger sets are also helpful for those who are inclined to do more cooking inside the RV. The sets vary in the precise amount and the types of items they offer, but they each carry many similar items. Both sets come with cookware, silverware, serving pieces and place settings for four. They also feature other items to help with food prep & cleanup, such as towel sets, cutlery sets and storage containers. Flashlights and basic First Aid kits are also included in the event of a minor kitchen mishap.
When considering the amount of kitchen utensils you'll need, keep in mind the amount of storage that's available. A smaller set will require you to make note of all the additional items you may need, while the larger sets may come with more than what you want to bring. The duration of the trip and how often you use your RV's kitchen are also factors to consider when purchasing kitchen supplies. Either way, by providing you with the necessary items, cooking sets are able to give you the added convenience of taking one less thing off your mind.
By Julie T

Cooking Sets for Your RV Kitchen

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