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RV air conditioners

It doesn't take long after the sun rises in the summer before you find your RVs to hot on the inside, and the best way to combat that heat is with a good working RV air conditioner. So today we will be going over the top RV air conditioners you should consider when shopping for a replacement or adding an additional unit.

Gree Rooftop Air Conditioners

The first air conditioner brand we will be looking at today is Gree. Gree is a company who produces RV air conditioners (like the Gree RVA-135R OD 13,500 BTU Rooftop Air Conditioner and the Gree RVA-150R OD 15,000 BTU), which both feature heavy duty fan motors for longer life, three speed fans, powder coated chassis, rust proof cooling coils, heavy duty crack resistant shrouds, washable filters, remote controls with thermostats that can be wall mounted or hand held, useful digital displays, and both models are constructed without ozone depleting refrigerant. Gree Rooftop Air Conditioners are original and stylish air conditioners that would be a great addition to any RV that could use a little cool, fresh air (as well as style).

Coleman MACH 3 Plus RV Air Conditioner

The Coleman 48203B876 Mach 3 Plus is one of the most popular amonst RV manufacturers with the highest cooling output of a 13.5K unit that's on the market. It's low profile design and high quality make this RV air conditioner the perfect replacement. If you are looking for an air conditioner with amazing cooling output then look no further!

Advent Air Conditioners With Heat Pump

Last but not least are the Advent Air AC135HP 13,500 (AC150HP 15,000) BTU Air Conditioners, with heat strip and heat pump options. Advent has become one of the most popular replacement RV air conditioners on the market with it's retro fit kit eliminating the need to replace the original ceiling assembly. The AC135HP 13,500 model, which is regularly white, is also available in black. The Advent Air Conditioners talk boldly about its 13,500 BTU AC/Heat Output and also features a heavy duty metal construction with an aerodynamic shroud.

If the temps continue to climb in your RV this summer even with the AC on high, it maybe time to upgrade to one of these air conditioning systems to keep things cool. If you would like to learn more about the best RV Air Conditioners then please don't hesitate to contact us.

By Bill Rowell

Top 3 RV Air Conditioners