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Propane TankHaving the proper appliances for your RV kitchen is very important. When choosing them, keep in mind of the space you have inside and where you can place them, to keep the area comfortable and not cluttered. Most of them for your home can not be used in your motor home, due to the fact that your RV does not have enough room to fit large appliances. For this reason there are many that are designed specifically for your RV.
Refrigerators and freezers need to be as compact as possible, but still need to hold enough food for you and your family. They also need to be lightweight because all motor homes have weight limits and the more larger items you add to the inside, the closer you will get to that limit. Just like at home, it is always nice to have a fully stocked refrigerator, not everyone can afford to eat out every night of the week while on a camping trip. Instead of struggling to keep ice in a cooler to store your food, this will make it easier to keep your food fresh, whether your grilling out, cooking on a cooktop or baking in the oven.
Cook tops/Ranges
Speaking of Cook tops and ranges, how do you choose between the two, well that depends on if you plan on baking in the oven. For RVs cook tops tend to be more popular, they can be installed into your counter top, allowing you to still have a lot of under the counter cabinet space. Ranges on the other hand, you have to cut out the big section, taking away more valuable storage spae, but if you use your oven often, then it would be better to go with a range.
Microwaves are already pretty compact as it is, but it is still better if you use one that is designed for an RV kitchen. Many of them include the over the range mounting option, which allows you to mount it above your range, saving you counter space. They also have different features and cooking options. This includes the child lock option that keeps them from being able to play with the microwave, the grilling option that cooks your food similar to a grill and many of your basic heating options. Not all RVs come with amenities like this already installed, so you get to choose the one that fits your families cooking needs the best.
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By Heather L

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