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RV Interior AccessoriesThings are gearing up for the 2016 RV-ing season, and you whether you are new to RV-ing or not, you may be looking for ways to spruce up or improve your RV's interior. While RV's may not have all the space and amenities that a residential home would have, there are many accessories out there that can bring the conveniences of home without sacrificing too much space. Most are designed with RV travel in mind, with interior accessories available for every section of your motorhome, whether it's the kitchen, bathroom, or living area.
The kitchen is certainly one area that benefits the most from organization and making the most of the available space. A recent addition has been a number of products from Progressive International. These include several collapsible or stackable items, such as colanders, storage containers, measuring cups & spoons, dish drainers, and even a salad spinner. The collapsible items can go flat for easy storage. A part of the kitchen that may be overlooked as a storage area is right behind the cabinet door. We offer several items that can be mounted on or over the cabinet door to maximize space, such as spice racks, caddies, knife holders, and even trash cans.
When it comes to the bathroom, the space available can be even more limited. To that end, several items allow you to make the most of the walls or under cabinets as storage space. Thetford's Staytion combination pack comes with five Staytion products to cover different needs. This includes a basket for sponges and bottles, a dish for bar soap, a toothbrush holder, a clip to hold a shower head or hand sprayer, and two hooks to hold towels or clothes. All Staytion products use suction cups to mount, and have a unique Red Line feature, which warns you if the suction cups start to lose their grip. When mounting, simply push the button to keep the suction cups in place. The Camco Pop A Toothbrush uses double sided tape to mount and holds two toothbrushes. It has a cover that protects the toothbrushes from dust and keeps them in place during travel, which automatically opens when the toothbrush is pulled forward. Camco also has a Pop A Tissue dispenser, which allows a square tissue box to be mounted nearly anywhere. It can be installed using double sided tape, or screws for a more permanent fixture. Easily free up space by keeping tissues, soap, or toothbrushes off the counter!
For the living area, Camco has several products that can be mounted on a solid vertical surface, such as magazine racks, umbrella holders, and remote control holders. This allows you to keep all these objects off the floor or table, or free up shelf space. They are made from hardwood, and have clean lines, so they can fit in with almost any interior RV design. They are screw mounted, although the remote control holder can be mounted using Velcro tape. JR Products offers cup holders that can be mounted to any vertical surface and will fold closed when not in use. These plastic cup holders are screw mounted, and are available in several colors to go along with your decor. Further maximize table space by placing the cup holders where you want them! B&R Plastics has a folding table, perfect for home or RV use, that features two drop down leaves and an adjustable height, as well as a storage area underneath to hold books or magazines. When folded down it measures just 20.5" x 12" x 17", so it can easily fit into a tight spot.
Of course these are just a few ideas to make the most of the limited space inside your RV. There are many more items available that can help make your next RV trip an easier, more memorable experience.