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Anyone who owns an RV takes road tripping seriously, but there are some that take it to the next level with decked out custom RVs. From restored classic campers to souped-up rolling yachts, there is an RV out there that will make just about any RV owner jealous. Almost every day we get posts on our Facebook page about cool custom RVs from around the United States and the world, so we thought we would share a few of those and some others that have caught our eye over the years.

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van

Camper Van
One of our Facebook fans, Ron Tanner, recently posted a picture of his customized camper van and we really like the idea for a compact camper that can easily get from place to place. The camper is made from a Mercedes Sprinter and features just about anything you could need in a camper including a bed, sink, and toilet.

Volkner Mobil Performance

Volkner Mobil Performance
On the other end of the spectrum is Volkner—a German custom RV manufacturer and the Performance VIP model is one of the more unique models we’ve seen. With a patented middle garage that can fit a car up to 16 feet long (such as a Mercedes SLK), the Volkner is a luxury RV that will make yacht owners jealous. The interior rivals 5 star hotels and the vehicle is so impressive it was actually featured on Top Gear.

Terra Wind Amphibious RV

Terra Wind
Speaking of yachts, the Terra Wind Amphibious RV can handle boating just as well as driving. This RV is perfect for getting the most out of a camping trip to the lake and manufacturer Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International offers a wide variety of customizations including the entire interior from floor plans to furniture to entertainment systems and even dashboard controls and instruments.

Steve McQueen’s 1952 Chevy 3800 Camper

McQueen's 1952 Camper
In an article about cool vehicles, it’s hard to leave one out that was owned by Steve McQueen. His 1952 Camper , which was recently auctioned off in July, is made from a Chevrolet 3800 series pickup truck and includes a custom aluminum camper. The camper is nicknamed “Dust Tite” and includes a bed, cabinets, drawers, and a diamond plated bumper.
What other cool custom campers have you seen? Leave a comment or post on our Facebook wall with your favorites!
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Four Awesome Custom Campers & Motorhomes