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Outdoor ChairWhen going camping for long periods of time you want to have the best to make your outdoor experience as comfortable as possible. This includes choosing the type of outdoor furniture that you will enjoy sitting around the fire, eating your outdoor meals and relaxing in while enjoying the company of family and friends. We carry a wide selection of outdoor chairs and accessories to go with them, choose the one that fits you the best.
Choosing an outdoor chair can be a simple task, you just need to ask yourself what kind you want. We have everything from regular folding chairs, foldable chairs that fold down small for compact storage or easy travel, rockers, recliners and even directors chairs with side tables. Some important things to consider when picking out a chair is the weight rating and the size of the chair, you don't want it to be to big or especially to small and not be able to comfortably fit into it. Another consideration to take in would be the material its made of. A plastic mesh may be great for all weather conditions, but it might not be soft enough to sit in for a long time, and the padded chairs may be soft but can't be left out in a storm. Last would be how much space you have in your RV, if you don't have much you may want to go with one that can fit into a compact space.
Speaking of not having enough space in your RV for the chairs, brings me to one accessory that is always great to have when you have folding, rocking or reclining chairs, the Madison Accessories Chair Carrier. This carrier conveniently hangs off the ladder on the back of your RV allowing you to hang your chairs on it, instead of taking up precious space inside your vehicle. Next product to consider would be a side table, we have many different plastic, aluminum and wooden folding tables. These are great and most of them fold flat for easy storage in your RV. If you want something a little more unique check out the Clip on Cup holder table and attachable and removable snack tray, that can attach to many different brands of foldable chairs. If you need any help choosing a chair, accessories or you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
By Heather L

RV Chairs, Tables And Carrier

Here are a just few of the Outdoor Chairs that we carry:
Prime Products 13-4972 Coronado Series Plus Recliner, California Blue
In Stock
Prime Products 13-6808 Cambria Padded Rocker
In Stock
Travel Chair 589V-BLACK Easy Rider, Black
In Stock