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Holding Tank Treatment

Most RV holding tank treatments take care of odors by using chemicals to mask the smell. What you are left with is a sludge of waste that at best is covered by a perfume that's works decent in cool weather and at worst drives you out of your RV in warm weather. This sludge can also be almost impossible to transfer at the sewer hookup. Kronen Holding Tank Treatment is able to eliminate odors at their source, even before they start. Kronen RV toilet chemical uses a combination of naturally occurring micro-organisms, which are made to break down organic materials. This leaves you with a liquid that is totally odorless.
Kronen Holding Tank Treatment is a bacteria based, safe answer to your holding tank problems. When added to a RV’s holding tank, these bacteria break down waste fast. They use their own enzymes to decompose waste efficiently with no unpleasant odors to worry about. The resulting material in the holding tank becomes mostly water and minerals, which is safe to dispose of in campground septic systems.
The performance of chemically-based products can be misleading, due to their strong fragrances that hide odors. Many of these products consist of harsh chemicals. Substances like formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde or quaternary ammonium compounds do not do much to break down waste. Those chemicals are designed to kill the useful bacteria or severely impede their ability to work. This can lead to several problems when waste from an RV is pumped into the dump station facilities. The useful bacteria that break down the waste in the septic system may also be destroyed. Harmful chemicals that are not eliminated can even end up in lakes, rivers, and streams. This product is effective for RV, Marine and Septic Tank use.
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By Heather Ledenican

Kronen Premium RV Holding Tank Treatment

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