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Safely Towing a VehicleObviously when you are towing a vehicle with your RV, it's not going to be a straight road all the way through, eventually you will have to make turns somewhere. Making a turn while towing a vehicle behind your motorhome can be nerve wracking; however, with the right advice you will be able to breathe and turn easily!
Slow Down Before You Turn
Before you approach a turn, give yourself plenty of time to slow down. You will need about twice the amount of time to stop or slow down before turning that you would normally need. Taking extra time slowing down is necessary to accommodate the larger load you are carrying. It will take your brakes more time to slow down due to all the extra weight. It is also a good idea to slow down before you turn in order to give yourself enough time to assess the turn as you approach.
Assess The Turn As You Approach
As you approach the turn, pay attention to your surroundings. Take note of any sidewalks, mailboxes or other items that are close to the road. You will need to make sure that you leave yourself enough room so you do not hit any of those items as you turn.
Be Sure To Turn Wide
You will need to make a wide turn, giving yourself more space than you would normally need to complete the turn. The tires on your trailer will track closer to the inside of the turn than the tires on your RV, meaning the tires on your trailer will make sharper turns compared to your RV tires. Even though you may feel like you are swinging wide to make a turn, your trailer will be making a tighter turn behind you, which is why it is so important to give yourself more room than normal.
Use Your Mirrors
Do not forget to use your side mirrors as you turn. Your side mirrors will help you see where your trailer is going. Your side mirrors will also help you spot any people or vehicles that may have entered the path of your turn. If you are turning slowly, you will be able to respond and adjust to these obstacles.
Take Some Time To Practice
If you are new to towing a vehicle behind your motorhome, get some practice in before you hit the open road. Take your RV and trailer out to some quiet roads near your home and practice turning. That way, when you are in the middle of a busy intersection, you will feel confident in your turning ability.
By Julie T

Making Safe Turns While Towing a Vehicle