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Silverleaf VMS 440 CL
Choosing the engine monitoring system you need can depend on several factors. For practical reasons, you will want to make sure there is enough room in your RV to accommodate a particular model. You should also take into consideration how much time you spend RV-ing. If you travel a lot you may want a more sophisticated system that provides a greater amount of features. One such example of a deluxe engine monitoring system that can provide you with all the info you need is the VMS 440 CL from Silverleaf Electronics.
The Silverleaf VMS 440 CL Engine Monitoring System offers a full color video display, which can support input from up to 4 sources, including a GPS or rear camera. This feature allows you to consolidate, so you can view a screen or camera along with the engine readings. It can also switch between video inputs, if needed. The VMS 440 CL has a long list of monitoring features to make your trip easier and to keep tabs on the current state of your vehicle's engine. Trip information can be viewed not just on an ongoing basis, but also for each particular day. Besides giving you the current state of the engine and transmission, the Trouble Monitor feature can be activated when a fault, such as a high coolant temperature, is detected.
If you sometimes feel like you've forgotten to check something before you leave, there is also a Pre-Drive Checklist feature so you can ensure all the basics are in optimal working order. Another feature called the Maintenance Manager can keep tabs on when certain maintenance tasks should be performed, such as inspections and routine service. Being able to keep a lot of info in one area can make things easier on those of you who take extended or frequent RV trips, and the Silverleaf VMS 440 CL may be just what you need.

Silverleaf Electronics Engine Monitoring System