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It doesn't take long after getting involved in the RV'ing hobby to realize that the scene in the movie RV where Robin Williams has major issue dumping his waste tank is not to far from reality. When you pull that handle on the black tank you hold your breath and hope the hose stays together and it doesn't clog. Ever since the macerator pump systems came out, I always loved the convenience of closing of the nozzle end and never coming in contact with a dripping sewer hose. The only problem with those systems was the tendency for the pump to clog if anything other than water, waste and very thin toilet paper tried to make there way through the pump. So when the are At some point and time in the RV'ing hobby you just get fed up with the ridiculous way RV manufacturers have setup waste management. The hose easily clogs, fittings leak and storage it is unsanitary. The Waste Master system solves the issues traditional RV hoses and fittings present by providing a clean, quick and easy solution to RV waste handling.

  • The UV-protected hose is 18 feet fully extended and 5-1/2 feet compressed
  • The hose is designed with its helical coil on the outside, while the inside is much smoother, preventing waste from getting trapped inside the hose.
  • Advanced design keeps hose extended during use to the exact length required.
  • Hose is resistant to abrasions or punctures, and features bonded cuffs that ensure a strong, permanent seal to help prevent waste from dripping.
  • The permanently-connected nozzle is molded with an easy-grip handle and integrated shut-off valve
  • Clear view port allows the user to see when waste has completely evacuated, helping ensure the tanks and hose are clean.
  • Nozzle features a 90 degree discharge port that is easy to fit and secure into any sewage inlet.
  • Internal nozzle valve allows users to easily close off the system at its terminal end to prevent waste from leaking.
By Bill Rowell

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