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Torklift Glow Step RV Entry Steps Attempting to enter or exit your RV after dark can be tricky business without proper illumination. RV entry steps can also become slippery, which is hard to notice in the dark. The Torklift Glow Step takes care of these issues by providing a lighted path that is easy to see in the dark. This saves you from having to use a flashlight to see, or worse, using the entry steps in complete darkness. These entry steps feature SureGrip™ that adds to the safety factor by increasing traction, making them safe for anyone to use.
The Torklift Glow Step works purely by light exposure, therefore there is no need for batteries or electrical hookups. There is also no need to worry if it is not a particularly sunny day, these stairs will still provide 10 hours of illumination, even with just 5 minutes of light. The entry steps are collapsible, for easy stowing when not in use, and can be locked into position. Being constructed from aluminum and stainless steel, they are very sturdy, being able to support up to 350 lbs.
The Torklift Glow Step is available in various sizes ranging from 2 to 6 steps and is adaptable to any type of camper. The quality of the product is ensured, being made here in the USA and coming with a lifetime warranty. With these entry steps you can be confident when having to use them, especially in the dark.
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Torklift Glow Step RV Steps