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Garnet 709 Seelevel II Tank Monitoring System It seems there are monitors for almost everything when you go RV-ing. This can include such things as tire pressure, electricity, engine status and so on. The levels of your liquid tanks are one more aspect that you should keep an eye on. It lets you know whether the tanks are full or if they need to be emptied. The line of Seelevel tank monitors from Garnet Technologies are designed to check several different areas, including your battery voltage or fresh water tank, thereby consolidating space. Certain models also feature kitchen tank monitoring or pump switches. This article goes over the different options available to you, in case you are unsure which one is right for you.
The common features between almost all the Seelevel monitors is the ability to sense battery voltage, fresh water levels, and grey and black water levels. The difference between grey and black water is the grey water refers to what gets collected from sinks and showers, while black water indicates the waste water tank. Galley tanks can sometimes be separate from the grey water tank and are usually just for the sink in your RV's kitchen. The sensors are not placed inside the tanks, so there's no need to worry about possible damage caused by the liquid inside. Please note that these systems are not compatible with metal tanks. Tanks that are less than 6 inches tall will need the 710JS sensor board. Sensor boards can be cut down or put together to fit the height of your tank. You also have the option to connect a second monitor display to view levels from the sewer bay.
There are two main types of tank monitors available, with differing modes of operation. The 709 series has several variations based on the needs of your motorhome. They can provide information from 4 or 5 different areas. Certain models switch out the Galley monitor for an LP gas monitor, while the 709-P3 does not have an LP Gas or galley tank monitor at all. The units with pump switches have LEDs to indicate when the pump is on. Other units have a Hot Water Tank Switch, that also has a warning LED to let you know if the pilot light is out. Current tank or battery level is measured in percent and is indicated with the push of a button. The basic 709 unit is also available with an audible alarm, to send out a warning for the grey, black or fresh water tanks.
For continuous monitoring without needing to push buttons, the 714 automatically updates every 10 seconds to provide you with the most up to date information. This differs from the 709 series, in which the display shuts off after several seconds when not in use. All information is displayed at the same time, so you won't even need to toggle in between different areas. Besides the battery and water tank levels, the 714 can also tell you the outside temperature. In many cases, it is also possible to purchase just the tank monitor without the sensors. If you have further questions on Seelevel Tank Monitors, you can browse our full selection of tank monitors, or please feel free to contact us.
By Julie T

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