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Whether you're a full-timer or a weekend warrior, ensuring that your RV is safe and secure whether your away or enjoying an unfamiliar place is of utmost importance. And it's not just when your parked, it is also important to consider products that can keep you safe while traveling. . If you are looking for the latest products related to RV accessories, we can help. Each year, the accessory market gets a little brighter for RV'ers, and as the latest crop of products make there way to market you can be sure you will find them here.

Electronic safe

Even with backup theft protection, no one can keep everything inside of their motorhome completely safe. Regardless, an electronic safe is one level of protection you will not want to do without. Although there are some exceptions, it is highly unlikely that documents and cash that you keep in a 25-lb electronic safe will be carted off by a thief.

Wireless motion detector system

When you use your motorhome to live full-time or for recreation, being able to be observant of the outside environment is crucial. This is especially true if you are worried about encountering a moose, elk, or bear. To get an edge on approaching wildlife, visitors, or intruders, install a wireless motion detector that is acclimated for motorhomes. These devices also make it easier to provide a security light for when you approach your motorhome at night to unlock it.

Rear observation system

Are you concerned about your safety on the road because you cannot see behind your vehicle? To get a better look behind you as you drive your motorhome while increasing traffic safety, consider this simple system. Newer models require no wiring and comprise of a wireless camera that mounts to the back of the RV and a screen in the front that is powered with a cigarette lighter adapter.

Ready to upgrade your motorhome?

When you're ready to outfit your RV to the specifications only found in your dreams, is here to help. We sell thousands of camper and motorhome related products, and we will work to get you everything you need to travel the roads in style. If you do not find what you need or have any questions, contact us. We are always happy to help

By Kathleen Garry

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