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Tow Mirror If you have ever had to tow a trailer behind your vehicle, then you may know what it is like to not be able to see along the side or behind the trailer. As you know this can be extremely dangerous, especially when trying to switch lanes or back up. Some accidents or "close calls" with tow vehicles happen because the driver did not have the visibility he/she needed. If you had a pair of towing mirrors to put onto your tow vehicle this would solve the problem. You will never have to worry again whether you are going to side swipe someone next to you on a freeway, trying to get in the next lane or back up into someone or another object.
There are many different brands, shapes and sizes for these mirrors with many different ways to hook them onto your vehicle. Some of the brands include Camco, CIPA and JR Products, you can choose from oval, rectangle or even a tear drop shape. Depending on how you want them secured to your vehicle you can choose from ones that clip on, slide on, clamp on or suction to the mirror.
Some examples of these mirrors include the Camco 25663 Tow-N-See Flat Mirror Extender, which is low in cost and easily suctions to your vehicles existing mirror, with the twist of a knob. Next is the CIPA 11952 Adjustable Clip-On Towing Mirror, that clips on to the mirror and adjusts to fit all vehicles, it will extend your vision up to 7". The last one is the JR Products 2899 Aero 2 Towing Mirrors, that clamps onto the mirror housing, not on the glass mirror giving you the ability to use both mirrors without an obstructive view.
We carry many others outside these examples, check out our selection and if you have any questions, please contact us
By Heather L

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