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Camco Oak Magazine RackAccessorizing is a part of any interior design project, whether it is for your home or your RV. Adding the right finishing touches helps to bring a space together and give it a cohesive appearance. Due to the limited space in RV interior design, it's best to have accessories that not only add the sense of style but also provide functionality. The idea of having an 'open concept' space is even more prevalent, as more living spaces are in full view of each other than in a house. We have plenty of interior accessories available to create or update the look of your motorhome.
The living spaces in your RV can benefit from many of the same items you would include at home, without sacrificing a lot of room. A magazine rack, for example, does not have to take up valuable floor space. The model from Camco can attach to a wall or the side of cabinet area. It provides the perfect place to store magazines, maps or directories. Having one convenient place for these items prevents them from simply being left around the RV. The oak wood is strong and durable, while the modern design is compatible with nearly any style. End tables are another way to create your design style. The end tables we offer are small enough to easily fit in your RV, while adding extra tabletop or shelf space where you need it. They come in three styles, with mahogany or oak finishes, to complement traditional or country style interiors. The clean line even works well with more modern motorhome interior designs.
The right fabrics add color and texture to any space. This can include accents such as window dressings, throw pillows and blankets, even bed linens. Bed sheets are available in various shades, sizes and thread counts to fit whatever's the most comfortable for you. For even more convenience, RV Superbag takes the principles of a sleeping bag and combines it with the appearance of regular bedding. RV Superbag comes in several colors to match your color scheme, including separate pillowcases to tie the whole area together.
If you are looking to try something more ambitious, lighting and plumbing fixtures can add form and function to your RV. There are enough styles and finishes to go along with nearly anyone's tastes, from metal or plastic sinks and faucets, to crystal, glass or fabric shaded lights. What you decide to go with can depend on the surrounding color scheme of the area, as well as finding similar or complementary finishes that go together. For example, mixing a white plastic faucet with a stainless steel sink and brass accent lighting may be too eclectic for most tastes. Traveling with children may also be factor, as certain finishes are easier to maintain than others. If you are using metal finishes close to a sink or in a bathroom area, keep in mind how that will react to moisture. Of course, the main thing to keep in mind is whether you like your design! Everyone's tastes are different, and you'll be the one using the space, so it's okay if you like things to be a little off-beat or non-conventional.
By Julie T

RV Interior Design

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