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Camco Stove Topper / Cutting Board Many of us have multiple hobbies, and if you're like a lot of people, you probably enjoy it when you can find ways to combine your interests. Combining a love of RV travel, and a love of cooking may seem like a challenge, especially if you own an older or vintage RV complete with an ill equipped, outdated, under-sized kitchen. Even though you may not be in the full size kitchen you have at home, that doesn't mean you won't be able to prepare decent meals.

You may be tempted to save money by outfitting your RV kitchen with older or second hand pots and pans. This is perfectly acceptable to start with, but investing in good quality non-stick bakeware is just as important for RVs as it is for your home. Whether you have brand new or older cookware, make sure it is in the appropriate sizes for a smaller oven. Examples of bakeware can include square or round baking pans in different sizes. When deciding what pots and pans you need, having a good quality non-stick skillet, or a Dutch oven along with a small skillet, and a few smaller pots gives you several options to start with. Make sure all your pots come with lids. Add a few made-for-RVs accessories like the Jobar Microwave Pressure Cooker or Jobar Microwave Steamer (available from RV Upgrades), and you’ll have an RV kitchen suitable for cooking your most ambitious gourmet meals. RV Upgrades also has a variety of racks, baskets, bins, and other RV accessories to make storing your extra cookware and appliances easy and convenient.

Update your motorhome's gas range by replacing or covering your burner grates with a one piece cast iron grate. This will allow ample room for larger cooking pots and make keeping food warm a cinch. You can also cover the one piece grate with a baking mat or cutting board when more preparation space is needed. A Sink Cover such as the oak model from Camco will also give you more preparation space. Other accessories include the Camco Knife Safe, which is a great way to store your knives safely and keep them handy for chopping and cutting, or Spice Clips to keep all your favorite spices at your fingertips.

With a well equipped RV kitchen, you can take advantage of local harvests and farmers’ markets. Nothing adds more flavor to dishes than freshly picked fruits and vegetables. The US Department of Agriculture offers an online Farmers’ Market Directory, so that you can find fresh produce wherever your travels take you. If you need ideas for meals, there are many sources online that have large directories for all kinds of recipes, some even based on time or the number of ingredients.

Now cooking fancy meals while traveling around the countryside might not appeal to everyone. However, if you love to cook, or just feel a need for the healing powers of some homemade chicken soup, it can be an enjoyable experience. With the right cookware, and a little help from RV Upgrades, you can have an RV kitchen any cook would envy. Please contact us with all your RV needs.

By Julie T

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